Honda C90 can be ridden with an A2 licence

Honda C90 photo
Power to weight
0.07 kW/kg
Stock power
6 kW
Restriction required
0 % To restrict to 35kW
This is a small and economical step-through motorcycle. Not quite a scooter and not quite a motorcycle, it is somewhere between the two.

The C90 is powered by a 90cc engine that's mated to a semi-automatic gearbox. There are 3 gears, which are engaged using a centrifugal clutch. This arrangement means there is no need for a clutch lever.

The slightly unusual gear shifter configuration can be counter-intuitive to seasoned motorcyclists. Shifting up requires you to push down on the gear shift, with another pedal behind your foot to shift down.
By Honda (1985 - 2002)
Type Scooter
Honda C90 Specifications
Year 1,985
Year 1,986
Year 1,987
Year 1,988
Year 1,989
Year 1,990
Year 1,991
Year 1,992
Year 1,993
Year 1,994
Year 1,995
Year 1,996
Year 1,997
Year 1,998
Year 1,999
Year 2,000
Year 2,001
Year 2,002
Restrictor required No
Engine configuration Single cylinder
Combustion cycle 4 stroke
Engine cooling Air cooled
Gears 3
Engine size 85
Power output (BHP) 8
Power output (Kw) 6
Top speed (MPH) 50
Weight 82
Seat height (MM) 760
Torque output (Lb/Ft) 4
Fuel tank size (Litres) 4
Average fuel consumption (MPG) 100
Fuel tank range (Miles) 87
Gearbox type Semi auto (manual gears & auto clutch)
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